Satellite Citi are a Rock band, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Lead vocalist and drummer, Anna Gevorkian, pushes the limits as front-woman by combining her singing and drumming synergies, while guitarist and backing vocalist, Shaunt Sulahian, brings his own edge with heavy yet melodic guitars. Additionally, the band are joined on stage by their two anonymous Spacewalkers, on bass and guitar, projecting the full sound of their records and creating an atmospheric aesthetic for their live shows.

In 2018, Satellite Citi teamed up with famed rock producer, Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Placebo, Touche Amore) creating their debut EP, Negative Space. Despite Negative Space being a raw, rock and roll EP filled with relentless energy and growling guitars, it thematically featured sensitive and introspective subject matters. The EP was inspired by topics which motivate them lyrically, from societal issues and corruption of politics, to battling internal demons and struggling to find solace.

In 2019, the band teamed up with Brad Wood once again, recording a whole new batch of singles, which they plan to release throughout the year as a 2nd EP. In the midst of recording, the band started the year off playing the NAMM show in Anaheim. Additionally, they had the pleasure of meeting Billy Ray Cyrus who was extremely supportive of their musical journey and recently shared their newly released cover of “Lately,” by his supergroup Brother Clyde.

Satellite Citi have also teamed up with former DC-Comics editor Jim Higgins, and they’ve been working on a comic series titled, Spacewalker, that will play an imperative role for a future-upcoming single – with the first issue coinciding with the single release, towards the end of the year. During this time, the band will continue to tour, leaving a massive footprint throughout the West Coast.